Personal Training

Do you have a nagging ache or pain that just won’t go away. An old injury you can’t seem to recover from.

Personal Training

Do you feel like you need a foundation before transition to group classes? Do you have an injury or surgery your rehabilitating? Do you feel most comfortable in the 1:1 environment? Then personal training is for you. We will build a progressive program that is specifically for you and your needs. You will work one on one with a top notch coach at an affordable price.

Weight Loss

If weight loss is your goal we will provide you not only a nutritional plan with accountability and support but a progressive training program that will optimize fat loss and lean muscle gains


Are you a powerlifter, an Oly lifter or interested in strongman training but not sure where to start. Are you needing to put on mass or gain lean muscle for a specific sport. Our personalized strength program is created custom to your need and goals.

Are you in Pain?

We have 2 coaches that have completed extensive training in rehabilitative care for athletes and are personally mentored by world class physical therapists who can create a custom program to not only help get you out of pain but help you move and enjoy the gym and training again!

We have a simple assessment we will put you thru that will help pinpoint exactly the things we need to address and we will then create a plan to get you out of pain with out missing the gym!

Aerobic Conditioning

Are you wanting to run your first marathon, complete your first triathlon or Ragnar but just not sure where to start? Perhaps you have an overuse injury from volume booing a little too high. We can help you create a balanced training program that will help you not only be durable and resilient but successful in these modalities!


"Holdfast has been part of my life for over 3 years now! I wouldn’t want to be without this community of friends- with some serious fitness mixed in! What I’ve learned and gained is tough to put into words!"

Stephanie B.

"Awesome space and even better people. Both staff and members encouraged me BY NAME throughout my workout. I couldn't recommend this place more whether you're dropping in or looking for a new home!"



Daryl J


"Awesome environment to strengthen your body and your mind. Fantastic group of coaches that care about you far deeper than just a workout. The bond you have with the other athletes (our community) is incredibly inspirational and motivating."



Garret H

CrossFit Holdfast

Our Location

Address: 195 18th St SE, Owatonna, Minnesota 55060

Gym: Close to Interstate 35 and HWY 14

Phone: (507) 200-1647